Kaori's Creations

Our People

Alicia Fargnoli

Otakon 2015

Alicia is a person who enjoys crafting. She sews and crochets. You can find some of her work on deviant art with the username nekoKaori. Online she goes by Kaori hence the name of the shop being Kaori's Creations.

Alicia learned how to crochet by watching youtube videos. If your looking to learn I suggest checking some out.

Adam Sebzda

Summer 2015

Adam is Alicia's other half who supplies her with any needed technical support. For example the webspace for this webpage.

Adam and Alicia will be working on a future project together called wtm watches. That will be a database of all different types of watches.


  1. If you want more information about BJDs check out the useful links.
  2. Each product made for BJDs will tell you what model and and what company made it.
  3. If you want something custom made that is similar to what I offer, feel free to send me an email with what your looking for. We can talk about prices and turn around times.