Kaori's Creations

Homemade Crafts

Kaori's Creations is a website to sell homemade crafts. Each product is made by Alicia Fargnoli who is known as nekoKaori at many places around the web. Items like hats and scarves are crocheted with acrylic yarn which is easier to wash.

Some of the crafts are made for slim MSD sized BJDs. BJDs are ball jointed dolls that are made with resin and have string running through them. MSD refers to the size of this doll ranging from approximately 42-45cm in height. Slim MSD refers to dolls in this size range that have a more mature physic. The doll manufacturer and model will be included in the information if your curious to what doll is modeling a particular product. For more information about BJDs try checking out Den of Angels.

Want to know how I learned a lot of what I know check out the audio file.